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Achieve your fundraising goals with an offer
people want and earn up to 50% profit!



Advertise your business with DoThis!Local for a very low fee! Since our advertising fee is so low, the only thing we ask for from you is that the coupon you commit to be unique and, of course, that it be honoured when redeemed by the customer. This targeted, local coupon pack is designed to drive up revenue for local businesses, while supporting a great local fundraising cause.

Here's why your business should consider participating in the DoThis!Local Fundraising Program

  • Minimal cost to advertise
  • Limited distribution, no mass mailing
  • Coupons will entice new customers
  • The Target!Pak is composed of local vendors ONLY, therefore it benefits businesses in your community
  • Your business will be supporting community group or local school
  • You are investing in your community
  • Coupons generate store traffic, which results in additional impulse purchases.

Business Advertising Supporting Local Fundraisers


The Target!Pak is a unique discount coupon deck that benefits you, your supporters and your local economy. Now there is an easy option for your organization to reach your target in a fraction of the time. You will have a product that people will want -- and it will save everyone money!

What you can expect :

  • NO RISK fundraising program
  • NO costs up front
  • NO minimum order
  • Unmatched, high-value offering - Over $2000 in savings for $20
  • Great for groups of all sizes
  • Highly profitable - up to 50%
  • Customised to your organization
  • Quick and Easy - your fundraiser can be completed in as little as three weeks

Fundraise Supporting the Local Community


The Local Target!Pak is a unique discount coupon deck designed to save you money and support a local organization. When you purchase the Target!Pak, you'll receive exclusive offers that you can't get anywhere else. When you use the Target!Pak once or twice it pays for itself and any additional use is money in their pocket.

What you can expect :

  • Savings that average more than $2000
  • Convenient to carry and easy to use
  • Durable design that easily fits into a wallet, purse or your pocket
  • Normally Good for 12 months
  • Multiple uses at most locations
  • Great gifts for any occasion
  • Encourage Local Shopping

Money Saving Coupons Supporting the Local Fundraiser

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